Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash West

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is now available for Nintendo Switch via the eShop in Japan and will come West on April 15. The base game is available for free, but you can get the Full Pack DLC that gives access to the rest of the modes and 14 additional playable characters for 2,800 yen (~$25.28).

Another Dash is a Switch port of the original Fighting EX Layer with new game systems and a different netcode. The free base version of the game includes four playable characters. However, the free version only comes with Arcade Mode and Offline Versus as game modes. Purchasing the Full DLC pack gets you Training Mode, online play with Ranked Matches, and Casual Matches. In addition to the 14 playable characters, the DLC pack adds optional colors for all 18 characters. Arika plans to add a Spectator Mode that allows players to watch online matches from the lobby.

The developer previously stated that it would share more information about Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash on April 1, but it ended up being an April Fools’ surprise with the actual launch of the game in Japan. The release date is an homage to the original Fighting EX Layer, which started as a playable demo made for an April 1 prank. Fighting EX Layer is the first among other games from Japan such as Sega’s Yakuza: Like a Dragon and, more recently, PlatinumGames’ Sol Cresta that started as April Fools’ pranks but ended up becoming full-fledged games.

Check out the launch trailer from Arika below:

Fighting EX Layer: Another Dash is now available for the Switch in Japan and will launch in the West in April 2021. Fighting EX Layer is available worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.



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