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The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. One of the darkest games in the series. Also, a title speedrunners have been looking to complete in record time. Players have been searching for ways to warp to the final dungeon using various exploits for a while. As of this week, the means to that end have finally been found.

The final dungeon without the Fierce Deity Mask is suicide!

Check out the YouTube video documenting how to warp to the moon below, courtesy of user Exodus 122:

Wow, it’s all done on the first day without repeating the cycle?! Incredible.

The video’s description does a good job of explaining what is happening, though it is very technical. Basically, the player is tricking the game into assigning different values for items on the screen. After a lot of hopping around, moving a rupee from one area to another, dropping fish and bombs, and playing the Ocarina of Time, the user is able to save and reload the game straight into the final dungeon. Don’t ask me why it works!

It’s going to be quite a treat to see speedrunners utilize this exploit at Games Done Quick. Hopefully, we’ll get to see someone pull it off successfully during one of the 2020 runs.

Enthusiasts, do you have any idea what is going on above? Can you defeat Majora with three hearts? Let us know below!

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