Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered no local offline multiplayer online multiplayer only Lite August release date

On GameCube, there was this really unique game where you could hook up your Game Boy Advance to the console to make it a new controller for this distinct Square Enix role-playing multiplayer adventure. If you were hoping to relive that experience with friends on the couch in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered, well, uh, we have some bad news. As relayed by game localizer Robert Sephazon, Square Enix has announced that offline / local multiplayer will not be available in the game due to spectacularly nonspecific “development reasons.”

That means if you want to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered with friends, it will need to be using an online connection and separate Nintendo Switch consoles, requiring that all players have a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

This is an awfully disappointing revelation, but Square Enix isn’t leaving us completely out in the cold. When the game releases on Aug. 27, Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition Lite will also be made available for free, which will allow players to access the first three dungeons of the game. They will additionally be able to team up with a person who owns the full version of the game in order to play through the entire game with that person. It’s a nice sentiment, but players were really hoping for simple couch multiplayer.

How do you feel about the lack of offline multiplayer in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered?


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