Final Fantasy VI fan art Dave Rapoza Square Enix Steve Lichman

Dave Rapoza is a professional artist who’s done a little of everything, and the main thread among all of his work is a ludicrous level of quality. Maybe you know him for the stellar Steve Lichman comic. Maybe you know him for his breathtaking comic book covers. Maybe you just know him for his funny personality on Twitter. Regardless, in-between his professional work, Rapoza has been hard at work on a fan project since March. And at last, his masterpiece is complete: Behold this Final Fantasy VI fan art, featuring every protagonist from the Super Nintendo classic in breathtaking painted detail.

Here it is in full, shrunken down just a bit:

Final Fantasy VI fan art Dave Rapoza Square Enix  Steve Lichman

There is a lot of lovingly crafted Final Fantasy VI fan art in the world, but, well, Dave Rapoza just made all of that stuff look like embarrassing crap. You can spend so much time just admiring any one character in this painting. Sabin is jacked and self-assured. Gogo is garish and mysterious. Strago is… looking a little more barrel-chested than I remember, actually, but okay — artistic license. And Cyan! Would you look at that armor? If someone planted a “Final Fantasy VI Remake” logo on top of this, people would just accept it as the official cover of a PlayStation 5 game.

This Final Fantasy VI fan art is probably my favorite fan art for anything ever. What about you? And if you’re suddenly in the mood to see some art from the original designer of these characters, then check out the new video about Yoshitaka Amano and his relationship with Final Fantasy.


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