Final Fantasy VII gets music, FMV bug fixes

When Final Fantasy VII released on Nintendo Switch, it came with handy extra features, such as being able to turn off random encounters or speed up the entire game. However, it also came with some bugs that either didn’t exist or had already been fixed in previous versions of the game. These included a scene’s music restarting every time a battle encounter ended, a black screen appearing briefly in-between action and FMV scenes, and the wrong song playing in a particular flashback scene. Now, a new patch has fixed these bugs.

You guys, the overworld theme of Final Fantasy VII is, like, extremely good. And in the Switch version, the only ways till now to hear it all were to hang out in the menu screen or turn off the random encounters. Both of those options were pretty lame ways of getting around a frustrating bug. So it’s nice to be rid of that.

The debate continues to rage about what the greatest Final Fantasy game ever is. I think Final Fantasy VI and VII probably have the most proponents, but IX and X have large followings as well. But I think the one thing we can all agree on is that Final Fantasy VIII sucked. *Eagerly awaits hate comments.*

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