Tokyo Mystery Circus Mako Reactor 1 infiltration destroy Final Fantasy VII Remake Square Enix Shinjuku, Japan Real Stealth Game

Sorry, it’s time to face facts: When it comes to cool interactive experiences, Japan puts us in the ground. The most recent example, via sister site Siliconera, is Tokyo Mystery Circus’s new Real Stealth Game attraction that recreates the Mako Reactor 1 infiltration in Final Fantasy VII Remake in real life. Upward of three people can take on the challenge of blowing up the reactor, while interacting with Avalanche and Cloud and using materia (somehow) to cast magic. Your team has 30 minutes to complete the adventure, but you need to avoid attacks from Shinra soldiers because taking damage will speed up how fast the clock ticks.

The Tokyo Mystery Circus Mako Reactor 1 destruction game opens beginning Dec. 9 at the APM Building in Shinjuku, Japan, after which it will be offered on the hour most days and close at 8:00 p.m. Excitingly, it offers options for English and Chinese in addition to Japanese. Tokyo Mystery Circus offers other Real Escape Game and Real Stealth Game events as well, some of which are available in English. If you happen to know Japanese or just want to rely on your powers of deduction, you can check out the official website for more details on how to blow up the Mako Reactor. Or you can just watch the teaser trailer.

Against almost all odds, Final Fantasy VII Remake actually satisfied the majority of fans when Square Enix released it on PlayStation 4 earlier this year. It stands to reason this Tokyo Mystery Circus Mako Reactor 1 Real Stealth Game will deliver that same feeling of holy crap they really did it.


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