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The surprises keep coming from Square Enix Asia. Not long ago, they revealed a physical compilation of Dragon Quest I, II, and III would be releasing for Switch in Asia with several language options, including English. Now, they have also revealed that Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will release together physically in Asia, including both Japanese and English language options. No pricing was discussed in the announcement of the twin pack, and the release date is only a vague “Coming in 2019.”

Final Fantasy VII released for Switch back on March 27, and Final Fantasy VIII Remastered recently released on Sept. 3. Both were digital-only releases, and in typical fashion for collectors and preservationists, people have been clamoring for physical versions. For that matter, people would like a physical release of Final Fantasy IX as well, which released back on Feb. 13. Those fans (including me) might be out of luck, but a Final Fantasy VII + Final Fantasy VIII Remastered twin pack is certainly better than nothing.

If it stays exclusive to Asia, it won’t be that big a deal since the likes of Play Asia will readily ship it to you. If you want these two games physically and in English, you should soon have that option.


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