Final Fantasy VIII Remastered from Dotemu for Square Enix in 2019, Nintendo Switch

I, as well as a lot of NE colleagues, have finally returned home from the whirlwind of E3. And while we’re still busy writing up previews of all the new games we experienced, there is also an avalanche of updates to give about news we already reported earlier in the week. For instance, the huge revelation of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered on Nintendo Switch and other platforms in 2019 came out of nowhere. And we now know whom Square Enix has trusted to port the game: Dotemu, the developer of Windjammers 2 and Streets of Rage 4!

Dotemu getting its hands on Final Fantasy actually isn’t unheard of. Back in 2012, Dotemu upgraded the PC version of Final Fantasy VII for Square Enix. They likewise were involved in bringing the 3DS Final Fantasy IV remake to PC in 2014. The big difference this time is that, given the circumstances, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is a more high-profile release and available for more platforms.

There have been stories circulating for a while now that Square actually lost the original source code to Final Fantasy VIII. Occurrences like this were, unfortunately, once semi-common in the industry. However, whether or not this is true, it seems Dotemu is charging full-steam ahead to make Final Fantasy VIII Remastered a legitimate revival of the game. Whether it’s done the easy way or the hard way — Dotemu has made a big commitment, and it’s making classic Square fans happy.


John Friscia
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