Final Fantasy VIII Remastered physical version on Play-Asia for preorder

A new listing has popped up for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered, lending more credence to the original rumors of a physical release. Play-Asia has added preorders for North America, Japan, Europe, and Asia. There’s quite an interesting price tag on the game, however, showing up as a full $60 release. It’s easy to assume this is all placeholder information, considering the game still does not have a release date.

Since its reveal at Square Enix’s E3 press conference last June, we still have fairly little concrete details on Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. So far all we know for certain is that the game is coming to Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam.

The ESRB rated the game nearly a month ago. Unfortunately, with no release date, many of us are left scratching our heads as we wait. More pop-up listings is a better sign than nothing at least.

An overshadowed classic

Still, I’m just happy that Square Enix is giving Final Fantasy VIII another shot in the limelight. It’s one of my favorite Final Fantasy games (no, really), and I’m more than ready to shove it down anyone’s throat. I’m one of the few people with more nostalgia for Final Fantasy VIII than Final Fantasy VII, and I hope that Square Enix makes a few changes to make it easier to digest for the modern audience.

There are also rumors that the remaster will have voice acting of some sort. If such a massive change were to be true, I can’t imagine that a few tweaks to its — let’s say — controversial battle system wouldn’t be so out of the question.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is joining Final Fantasy VII, IX, X, X-2, and XII on the Switch. Even though VII and IX aren’t available physically for Switch, that’s still one hell of a JPRG legacy right there. Here’s hoping we can get the SNES titles next.


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