Final Fantasy VIII Remastered reunites old staff, has Battle Assistance

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered was announced but a week ago, and the details are now flooding in. Firstly, we know it’s being put together by Dotemu. Second, Siliconera has translated a Famitsu talk with original director Yoshinori Kitase that reveals additional details.

For one thing, original battle programmer Hiroshi Harada, character model designer Tomohiro Kayano, and character designer and battle visual director Tetsuya Nomura have all returned for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. “Refinement” of the characters is attributed to original team members being present.

Chocobo World, a game for Japan-only PocketStation, will not be available. Rinoa’s special ability will now allow the player to acquire items that otherwise could only be gotten through linking to that game. Furthermore, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will have Battle Assistance, seen in some other FF ports. Unless something changes, it’s the equivalent of turning on “God Mode” in combat so you can’t lose.

Siliconera further provides a couple quotes from Kitase about the original game’s development and legacy:

  • Final Fantasy VIII was the first work that we’ve used motion capture on. At the time we didn’t know how things worked, so we made the actor use a heavy gun. Looking back now, I get the cold sweats thinking about any worst case scenario accidents that could’ve happened.”

  • Final Fantasy VIII has had its share of influence in Hollywood entertainment, be it a game screen shown in a Hollywood movie or an offer we got last year from a major video game-related film that wanted to use the Gunblade.”

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will release for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam sometime in 2019.


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