Final Fantasy VIII Remastered comparison screenshots

Final Fantasy VIII is held in high regard by some, but the game doesn’t hold up visually. You’re probably all familiar with the scene where Squall is called the “best looking guy here” despite not having any real facial features. But as many fans have pointed out, the remastered version may very well make Squall the most handsome man. Check out how Final Fantasy VIII Remastered holds up to the original.

That’s quite an improvement! I can actually tell that the characters have real faces now. You can see a ton of care has been put into this beloved classic to make it presentable to a modern audience. As somebody who’s always had an interest in trying this Final Fantasy game, I can’t wait to play it like this!

On top of the boosted graphics, this remaster will also include a number of quality-of-life improvements like other Final Fantasy remasters. These include the ability to speed up gameplay, turn off encounters, use endless Limit Breaks, and more. Final Fantasy VIII Remastered will release for Nintendo Switch this Tuesday.

What do you guys think about these new screenshots? What are you most excited about for Final Fantasy VIII Remastered? Let us know!


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