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Square Enix has revealed that JSC Games, Gaea Mobile, and Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group are creating a Final Fantasy XV mobile MMORPG with Unreal Engine 4. JSC in Korea and Gaea in China are co-developing, with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Group publishing. The game is reportedly tentatively called Final Fantasy 15 Mobile. This is not be to confused with the existing (and utterly forgettable) Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire mobile game.

Final Fantasy 15 Mobile will take place in a “parallel” world relative to the main game, occurring at the same time that Noctis’ adventure is beginning. There will be a world map, a floating continent, and a menacing threat to confront. A trailer is anticipated to release in the first half of the year with further information on the MMORPG.

Final Fantasy 15 Mobile has nothing to lose

Final Fantasy XV released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016, followed later by a PC release. Then Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, the same core game experience but with extremely simplified graphics, released for mobile devices, Nintendo Switch, and all other platforms. Adding to the convolution, FFXV began life as Final Fantasy Versus XIII, an open-world action RPG spin-off of Final Fantasy XIII that wound up in development so long that Square Enix simply decided to rechristen it as a mainline game.

Depending upon whom you ask, FFXV was either a refreshing change of pace for the series or a spectacularly hollow and disappointing misfire. I, crotchety old man that I am, fall largely in the latter category. But that might actually work in Final Fantasy 15 Mobile‘s favor: In the minds of many, it’s not even possible to ruin the world-building of the original game since it wasn’t appreciated in the first place. Although, this MMORPG isn’t likely to reach the lofty heights of much celebrated Final Fantasy XIV (which has a TV series in the works).

What do you make of this utterly random development in the world of Square Enix?

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