Today’s update may be a Wii U screenshot, but thanks to the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. launching sometime in summer, both versions are in the final stages of development it seems. In today’s official Smash Bros. update, Sakurai shows off some of the final touches and polish being put into Smash for Wii U and 3DS with the help of recently-announced veterans Yoshi and Zero Suit Samus.

\”Pic of the day. Yoshi’s Egg Throw now leaves a rainbow trail, and we\’ve improved the post Samus strikes when she fires the Paralyzer. Every staff member is working hard as we brush up whatever we can.\”

While Yoshi’s eggs are now more glamorous than ever, Zero Suit Samus bunkers down to endure the recoil of her Paralyzer shot. Too bad we don\’t get to see the stun shot in action, but at least we do get a clear view of the rainbow that follows Yoshi’s egg. And, is it me or is that egg huge? Could just be the perspective.

Either way, the special effects trend continues. Sakurai and the developers are clearly putting in a ton of effort to make the game feel more alive. In comparison to Brawl, which didn\’t have nearly as many special effects or even unique facial animations for the characters, Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS looks to be much more vibrant, colorful, and pleasing to the eye.

With the seemingly increased gameplay speed, Sakurai may also be trying to make individual attacks more easily distinguishable. Then again, the amount of special effects already may potentially clutter the screen depending on how many fighters. Although, Yoshi’s rainbow at the end of his egg will likely not be one of those potential problems. Just wait until dark lightning bolts flash everywhere as players kill each other one after another in a free-for-all bout!

Zero Suit Samus\’ redesign, by the way, definitely seems like its being fleshed out by the development team. Her aesthetic redesign is going far beyond her zero suit and space heels. We\’ve even seen in other screenshots possible phantom frames following her down-B special.

Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on today’s update. What other characters should be spiced up with these kinds of changes? Have any ideas for particular moves? Surely Sakurai will be tackling each and every returning character with changes like these. Let us know who you think is next!


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