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Following Mario Kart Tour and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Fire Emblem Heroes is getting its very own subscription service: the Feh Pass. (Yes, it’s Feh, like the mascot owl in the game as opposed to FEH, the acronym for the game that Feh stars in.) Announced in last night’s “Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel,” the latest wallet vortex in Nintendo’s hit mobile title is sure to shake things up for players who can afford it.

Players will gain access to five special benefits when they subscribe to Feh Pass:

  1. Resplendent Heroes. Popular Fire Emblem characters will get new costumes and voice lines based on the original cultures in Fire Emblem Heroes. The first two announced were Lyn and Cordelia, and in addition to receiving one of these characters, older instances of them will be able to change into these outfits. This isn’t just an aesthetic change, either. Any Resplendent Hero will get +2 to all of their stats with the new exclusive duds. Feh Pass subscribers get two of these per month.
  2. Special Feh Pass Quests. Players get rewards for completing certain objectives within a time period. These are extra missions for subscribers with in-game currency as a bonus for completing them. There will be a new set twice each calendar month.
  3. Expanded Summoner Support. FEH players could already forge a bond with one character, which increased that unit’s stats. Feh Pass subscribers will be able to have three besties instead.
  4. Re-Act. This is a rewind button that allows players to undo their turns. This can be used as many times per match as necessary to win, even after losing on a turn. This can’t be used on ranked modes like Colosseum or Aether Raids, however.
  5. Auto-Start. This will allow you to play the same map multiple times in a row, so long as you still have stamina. This is very useful when grinding for materials and quests.

The Resplendent Heroes are the big draw here, as alternate costumes have been a way for other mobile gacha titles to gain income while keeping the price structure manageable for the majority of players. The fact that these costumes give a sizeable boost to units is also pretty amazing. However, the other four perks are also very powerful and I imagine very appealing to whales. Still, I wonder if the game really needed the Feh Pass subscription service, as it was already Nintendo’s highest-grossing mobile game (by far).

The Feh Pass will be $9.49 USD per month and releases on Feb. 25. May Naga have mercy on your wallet.


Dominick Ashtear


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