Fire Emblem Heroes

Led by proven cash cow Fire Emblem Heroes, Nintendo’s six-game mobile library just passed a huge milestone: $1 billion in lifetime player spending. Notably, this figure does not include the immortal Pokémon GO, which passed $3 billion in lifetime revenue last year and is not wholly-owned by Nintendo. Instead, Nintendo’s doing pretty well on its own, turning some lesser-known properties into certified money trees.

$1 billion is a ton of money. A crazy proportion of that cheddar comes from Fire Emblem Heroes, which has racked up $656 million, or 61 percent of the total. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Dragalia Lost accounted for the second and third most spending, at a respective 12% and 11% of total user spending. Surprisingly, Mario games make up the entire bottom half in earnings: Mario Kart Tour holds 8 percent, Super Mario Run sits at 7 percent, and Dr. Mario World checks in at under 1 percent. Despite the low revenue shares, Super Mario Run is still Nintendo’s most-downloaded mobile game. For whatever reason–perhaps they were satisfied with the free content, or maybe they even hated it too much to buy anything–those downloads did not translate to spending.

Fire Emblem Heroes has performed so well despite accounting for only 4 percent of Nintendo’s mobile downloads, compared to revenue bottom-feeders Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run making up 86 percent of the publisher’s total downloads. Regionally, 54 percent of spending came from Japan, while the United States accounts for another 29 percent. Spending rates are fairly consistent by region, with Mario Kart Tour and Super Mario Run being slightly more popular in America.

Have you played any Nintendo mobile games? Which are your favorites? Have you spent money on any of them? Are you surprised that Fire Emblem Heroes is leading the pack, or did you expect a better performance out of a different title?

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