fire emblem three houses cindered shadows war monk

Another day, another Fire Emblem: Three Houses scoop. There’s been an almost daily drip feed of news regarding the game by way of the official Fire Emblem Twitter account. Specifically, the news has been concerning various content and mechanics present in the upcoming story expansion for the hit Nintendo Switch tactical RPG. The new downloadable side-story, titled Cindered Shadows, is set to add four new characters who each utilize a character class that is brand new to the game. Today, we’ve got info concerning the final member of this quadrilogy of new classes – the War Monk.

fire emblem three houses cindered shadows war monk

Actually, technically, this is a set of two classes. The big, beefy male warrior of the Ashen Wolves, Balthus, utilizes the War Monk class. Additionally, after clearing a certain part of the Cindered Shadows campaign, you can have any male warrior in the main Fire Emblem: Three Houses story take the class exam to become a War Monk. Female fighters, however, get a slightly different class – the War Cleric.

Both classes are healin’ and hurtin’ hybrids who specialize not only in axes and gauntlets, but white magic as well. No, no, not the kind of magic that gets you a $100k investment from your parents for your new artisanal soda company. White magic in Fire Emblem: Three Houses – Cindered Shadows consists of various healing arts that help make the War Cleric a well-rounded necessity for any team. War Clerics and War Monks can also use a special Battle Art with variable range that deals impressive magic damage, but at the cost of a huge chunk of your weapon durability.

Cindered Shadows is set to release for owners of the Fire Emblem: Three Houses Season Pass on Feb. 13 via the Nintendo eShop.


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