Lunatic mode

When Fire Emblem: Three Houses launched, it was missing its hardest difficulty, dubbed Lunatic mode. While director Genki Yokota said pre-launch that the difficulty would be added as a free update in the future, he stopped short of saying what this new mode entailed. Thanks to a new datamine, however, we’ve gotten our first glances at this upcoming challenge.

Reddit user DeathChaos25 dug into Three Houses and found some interesting details. Currently, bosses remain stationary throughout the battles, allowing you to mop up the opposing forces before diving into the real fight. This changes on Lunatic, however, and the boss now has its movement unlocked from the start. This means that in addition to the harder enemies, you’ll now have to contend with bosses as early as the first turn in some scenarios!

Even more interesting than these Lunatic details, DeathChaos25 found an even harder mode called Infernal. This mode is very incomplete, as some maps don’t even have units. Those that do paint a frightening picture; one featuring level 99 units with insanely high stats. Because of these limitations, the difficulty is currently unplayable, and as such, it’s hard to say whether this mode will ever be completed. It’s also possible that it’s simply serving as a placeholder for something else.

In any case, Fire Emblem fans have a lot to be happy about. Between the Lunatic update and the expansion pass, there’s a lot more Three Houses content on the way!


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