Fire Emblem: Three Houses Wave 3 Expansion Pass DLC costume

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is already an absolutely massive game. Thanks to a new update, though, there’s even more content being added to the beefy strategy RPG game. Whether you own the Expansion Pass and have access to Wave 3 DLC or simply download the new version 1.10 patch, you’re in for a treat.

Three Houses dog

One of the biggest features of the new patch, available to all players for free, is an expansion of the save slots. While previously you only had access to five, players can now create up to 25 individual save files. On top of that, players can now select additional outfits for their units to use in battle. By going to the Personal Quarters and editing a Unit Appearance, you can select monastery outfits for battle.

I’m a big fan of getting new recruitable characters, which is why my favorite part of the patch is a new recruit being available in Fire Emblem: Three Houses. Players on the Black Eagle: Crimson Flower path of the story will now be able to recruit Jeritza, as well as get S-rank support conversations between him and the game’s protagonist, Byleth.

There’s another incredibly iconic character coming to Fire Emblem: Three Houses, but only if you own the Expansion Pass. The Wave 3 DLC for the game brings Anna along as a new recruitable character after completing a special quest. After the third chapter of the game, Mutiny in the Mist, you can make her a part of your team and have her participate in battles and activities. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have Support relationships with any characters. She does, however, unlock a new paralogue mission for you later in the game.

Three Houses Anna

Expansion Pass owners will also get a variety of extra outfits to force their adorable students to wear around the monastery. Servants Attire, Summer Wear, and Evening Wear outfits will be available for every character. If you’re looking for new quests, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has you covered with a slew of new DLC quests as well.

Some of these quests even unlock new monastery features. Completing a certain quest will unlock a sauna that you and your students can relax in. Completing another quest will even let you recruit maid and butler battalions for battle. Finally, a third quest will bring dogs and cats into your monastery whom you can exchange gifts with. Unfortunately, as proven on Twitter via astute gaming historian Can You Pet the Dog, you are not able to pet these dogs.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses and the Expansion Pass are available now for Nintendo Switch.


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