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Fire Emblem: Three Houses has been getting a steady stream of free and paid updates since the massive tactical RPG launched last year. New characters, additional costumes and various quality of life improvements have come to the game. Now, the lineup of Expansion pass content is set to cap off with the impending release of a brand new side-story expansion, Cindered Shadows. Support for the game won’t be ending once that major DLC update drops, though. In a recent Famitsu interview with some developers from the game, a few upcoming free updates were confirmed that players can expect after Cindered Shadows launches.

In Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players can invite certain characters to sit down and drink tea together in order to spend quality time with them and increase their bonds. While green-haired anime pope Rhea is a support candidate in the game, you were never able to invite her out for a spot of tea. A free update aims to remedy this by letting you have tea time with Rhea.

Additionally, a new costume for Fire Emblem: Three Houses protagonist Byleth is set to arrive soon. Players will be able to don dancer clothes as Byleth, but Byleth won’t be able to actually become the dancer class. There will also be an update that makes it easier to change your costume during free days, as well as changing all character’s costumes at once.


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