Today we got our first look at the newest game from Dreamworks, Dragons: Dawn of New Riders. The game features an entirely new story and adventure. It will also tie in with the upcoming film, How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden Worlds- out on February 22, 2019. In Dragons: Dawn of New Riders, you head on a new adventure with Scribbler and Patch on a mission to save the dragons. Eir, a new villain, is trying to control the dragons in order to carry out her evil plans and it’s up to you to stop her. Players will also interact with familiar characters from the franchise including Hiccup, Toothless and more.

The game will also feature some neat new battles where you have the chance to unlock new powerful abilities that will help you on your quest. Players will visit new and old locations such as Havenholme, Valka’s Mountain and Blood Briar Island. Dragons: Dawn of New Riders will feature puzzles that require you to swap between Scribbler and Patch in order to solve them. Fans of the franchise should enjoy checking out the game in anticipation of the newest film. Dragons: Dawn of New Riders hits the Nintendo Switch on February 1st in Europe and February 15 in North America.

[Source via press release]

Tarah Bleier


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