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One game from yesterday’s Indie World Showcase that seems to have grabbed a lot of attention is developer Playfellow Studio and publisher Rogue Games’ Fisti-Fluffs. It’s another physics-based party game, but this time, it’s all about brawling as a variety of different cats.  The internet and cats have always been a good match, so it’s no surprise to see this one gain traction. Fisti-Fluffs is coming to Nintendo Switch and PC early next year. Adding Switch is a good move, as physics-based party action as cats sounds perfect for some local couch co-op play.

The game’s trailer is about as ridiculous as the concept too. If you close your eyes and just play the audio, you’d think it’s a Doom trailer of some sort. Heavy guitar riffs match up with cartoon cat fighting to create a bizarre mix, but a mix that seems to be working. The Nintendo Switch eShop listing is also live, and here are some features of Fisti-Fluffs per Playfellow Studio and Rogue Games:

  • Fast-paced, physics-based, cat-tussling fun
  • Up to four player co-op
  • Five individual game modes
  • Six destructible levels and a bonus stage for the Kibble Defense mode
  • A roster of customizable kittens with different styles, outfits and hats
  • Launchable objects for added chaos.

Fisti-Fluffs is scheduled to drop early 2021 on Switch.

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