Fitness Boxing racks up 900,000 copies sold around the globe


Imagineer’s Fitness Boxing has managed to reach the lofty milestone of 900,000 units sold around the world. This number is a combination of copies sold at retail and those sold through the Nintendo eShop, which we don’t get to see for many games on Nintendo Switch.

We have figures for the game’s sales over the past year or so, and they show that there has been a significant increase over the course of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, as gamers were forced to remain indoors as much as possible:

  • April 2019 – 300,000 units sold
  • July 2019 – 400,000 units sold
  • December 2019 – 500,000 units sold
  • March 2020 – 600,000 units sold
  • April 2020 – 700,000 units sold
  • May 2020 – 800,000 units sold

Between March and April 2020, 100,000 units were shifted, a noticeable bump inĀ Fitness Boxing sales. This was right about when lockdowns were coming into place, people were buying more Switches, and Ring Fit Adventure was impossible to find. That sales trend continued into May and June 2020, leading to the 900,000 units we know that the game has sold. If sales continue at this rate, it may well reach 1 million units sold by the end of July.

Fitness Boxing sees players use their Joy-Con to box their way through a number of mini-games. Each one is themed around various boxing moves and can help you burn some serious calories as long as you’re putting the effort in. While the game isn’t as involved as Ring Fit Adventure, it’s clearly a popular way to keep fit at home with your Nintendo Switch.


Jamie Sharp
Started out playing Metroid 2 on the GameBoy at around 5 years-old, and now I write about games all day long. Can't play Switch and drive, I've tried. As time goes on the Switch is quickly becoming my favourite console of all time.


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