Flipon is an intriguing match 3 puzzle game set to release on Switch and PC on October 8. The game, which comes from French developer Damien Mayance, promises an exciting blend of relaxing brain exercises and intense, fast-paced, combo-driven matches. Check out the reveal trailer below, which highlights the gameplay while briefly introducing the story mode, which follows protagonist Kat and a team of Space Miners on a match 3 journey.

While it looks like a fun match 3 experience by its own right, Flipon brings a lot to the table, such as six different powers, to spice the formula up and pack in lots of content to enjoy. The game features a campaign mode with over 75 levels spanning five game types: objectives, survival, boss fights, puzzles, and challenges. Additionally, you can enjoy procedurally generated puzzles in Challenge Mode, shoot for high scores in Score Attack (and see how you stack up on online leaderboards), and take on your friends directly in local versus play.

Are you interested in Flipon? From the trailer, the gameplay looks quite solid. Plus, with the fast-paced versus mode, I’m pretty much covered, because it looks like a great game to play with friends. How do you feel about the game? Is it on your radar? Let us know in the comments below.


Andrew Rockett
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