Fluffy Hugging

Have you ever wished to have a real Pokémon you could treasure forever? Too bad, because they don’t exist in reality. But you can have the next best thing: Pokémon plushies! The Pokémon Center in Japan has a new set of critters lined up for launch next month. And they have a “Fluffy Hugging” theme.

These “Fluffy Hugging” animals look true to their moniker

As you can see from the image above, the “Fluffy Hugging” line of toys contains Larvitar, Deden’ne, Skwovet, Toxel, and the substitute doll. Each one is priced at 3960 yen (about $38). The collection will launch on December 12. No word yet on if Amazon Japan will ship these adorable monsters internationally.

Personally, I’d love a plush of both the substitute doll and Skwovet (look at those cheeks). Especially the substitute doll. It’s not even a real Pokémon but it is so glad to exist. You can’t look at that face of pride and not feel compassion.

Enthusiasts, are you interested in any of the dolls that are part of the “Fluffy Hugging” line? Let us know if you’d whip out your credit card for any of these Pokémon in the comment field below.

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