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I’m one of the rare few who has no fondness for the Food Network, yet earlier in the week, the channel happened to be on at my home one evening. The show was Food Network Challenge, season 14 episode 5, “Pokémon Cakes.” Contestants were challenged to make extreme cakes out of Pokémon, including special effects like shooting water out of their mouths. I’m honestly 13-14 years out of the loop when it comes to Pokémon, so I didn’t even know a lot of the characters’ names. But what I can say is that the cakes the contestants created were, uh, not exactly a 1:1 likeness.

(Images below are via Kotaku.)

Food Network Challenge Pokémon cakes cake challenge Food Network Challenge Pokémon cakes cake challenge Food Network Challenge Pokémon cakes cake challenge edible Bulbasaur special effects

So, there are lot of observations one can make about these Pokémon cakes. Chikorita has become awfully pinheaded for instance, as if his head were trapped in a clamp for a while. Litten is also looking kind of emaciated with his long body and stubby limbs. Meanwhile, Squirtle is a giant yet doesn’t have a level of detail to match. And finally, Pikachu looks like a homicidal lunatic, with or without sparks blasting out of his hands, and his body isn’t round enough either.

Mudkip and Sobble look pretty great overall though, and Bulbasaur ultimately won the day thanks to his awesome leaf-shooting and other assorted factors.

If you want to watch the “Pokémon Cakes” episode of Food Network Challenge yourself, you basically need access to the channel. Or you could watch some of this “stream” that may or may not receive a takedown notice soon.

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