Avatar: The Last Airbender and Smite crossover showcased

Avatar- The Last Airbender and Smite crossover-nintendo-switch

We now have a substantial gameplay video of the upcoming Avatar: The Last Airbender and Smite crossover. It was recently revealed that characters from the anime show would be coming to Smite next month, and now the developers have shown off almost half an hour of gameplay for the new playable heroes. This footage comes from a recent livestream and is essential for any fans eager to see their favorite anime show make it into the game.

The video details the attacks of each new character in the Avatar: The Last Airbender and Smite crossover in detail. It’s clear that the developers are fans of the show because there are so many different references to episodes throughout all three seasons included.

Zuko fights with his iconic sword, which he’s able to split into two when attacking. He also has a firebending move that lays a point in the distance that he can teleport to (not super lore-friendly, but it hints at his agility). Using his incredible control over firebending, Zuko is also able to float on the air with small jets of fire emitting from his feet, whilst also brandishing a dagger made of pure fire in each hand. Lastly, Zuko has an attack that throws fire out from his sword as he swings it and an ultimate move that is taken right from his fight with Azula in the final moments of season 3 of the show.

Meanwhile, Korra is accompanied by her Polar Bear Dog companion Naga in Smite. As an Avatar, Korra has mastery over all four elements, and this comes across in her attacks. She can use water as a weapon by hitting enemies with it or freezing the ground to slow them down and speed her up. She’s also able to pin enemies with an earth-based attack, and her ultimate is a combination of earth and air in a tornado that causes massive damage. However, it’s her fire attack that seems to be the easiest to use and aim, hitting enemies with a huge ball of flame.

Finally, we have Aang, who is also an Avatar and has mastery over all elements. He can shoot a plume of fire directly in front of him, but he can also call the two firebending dragon spirits from the show, said to be the first firebenders, who light an area up with fire between them. Interestingly, Aang uses earth to buff his basic attacks, causing rocks to swirl around him, but he also has a move that combines every element in a swirling blast around him.

There are new emotes in this Avatar / Smite crossover as well. While we see very little of them in this video, we do get a glimpse at a fantastic Avatar reference, the Cabbage Merchant, which I think shows just how much passion and love from true fans has gone into these new characters.


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