Football Manager 2021 Touch touches down on Switch this December

football manager 2021 touch nintendo switch

Sega and Sports Interactive’s Football Manager 2021 is coming to PC in November, followed by a December release on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. Also in December, Nintendo Switch will receive the simplified Football Manager 2021 Touch, which will additionally come to mobile devices at some point. Details of the differences between the core version and Touch have yet to be specified but will come in November. In the meantime, here’s a trailer for the superior release Nintendo won’t have.

Football Manager 2021 Touch allows you to become the manager of whatever football (soccer) team you want. You can manage everything, including player fitness regimes, their mental health, the squad lineup, and even press conferences. It’s an addictive game if you enjoy stats, and it can see you spend 50 in-game years as the manager of an awful team like Norwich to no avail. Trust me, I know.

Last year’s Football Manager 2020 Touch launched for Switch on Dec. 10, so another December release this year makes sense. Back in July, Sports Interactive’s director, Miles Jacobson, posted an update explaining that this year’s game would launch slightly later than planned, but still within 2020. This is due to the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. It’s nice to see that the Switch version hasn’t been so badly affected that it was pushed into next year.

Many players felt that 2020’s entry to the series on Switch was lacking in a number of ways but still presented a solid way of playing the game on the go. Hopefully this year’s release is at least as good or better.


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