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Developer Antab Studio and publisher Merge Games have announced Foreclosed, a game about being an evil banker who takes people’s homes and destroys their dreams. Okay, the second part of that sentence isn’t true; it’s kind of the opposite of that. It’s a narrative-driven cyberpunk shooter with a strong comic book aesthetic that is coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Steam in Q2 2021. You play as Evan Kapnos, who has had his identity, “brain implants,” and access to the city blockchain foreclosed upon. Now he needs to get out of the city before his identity and brain implants are auctioned off. It’s, uh, a very normal conceit.

The trailer was revealed during IGN’s Summer of Gaming.

In Foreclosed, you can modify your gun to fit the situation or use your brain implants to essentially employ super powers. A skill system described as “RPG-like” will go along with that. You can also hack systems or even other people’s minds. (God forbid that there’s ever a futuristic game that doesn’t have a hacking mechanic.)

All in all, Foreclosed is looking and sounding pretty promising. It might be quickly overshadowed by all of the PlayStation 5 news that came out today, but we ain’t a PlayStation 5 website. So Antab Studio and Merge Games have nothing to worry about here!

What do you think of Foreclosed so far?


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