Forest Guardian, yuri visual novel, coming to Switch with new content, seemingly less nudity

By 3 months ago

The Nintendo Switch library has variety like whoa, from breezy slice-of-life titles to asymmetrical horror to that shogi game with the JAV star. Forest Guardian from developer TsukiWare and publisher Top Hat Studios will add to that variety when it launches for Switch in North America and European territories on Nov. 12. It is a yuri visual novel that will retail for $10.99 / €8.99 / £8.09 and include new artwork and story sequences compared to the PC release that launched this past March.

The premise of Forest Guardian is that a merchant named Anna wakes up at a shrine after collapsing in the forest while trying to reach a port. Now she wants to help a kitsune named Mayu, the titular forest guardian that presumably saved her, to bring visitors back to the shrine. However, what Anna learns about Mayu’s past along the way may cause her some consternation.

The game promises 3-6 hours of gameplay “depending on reading speed,” crisp anime art, ambient season-fitting music, dynamic environmental animations, and “17+ CGs.” It is also notably rated T by the ESRB and PEGI-16 in Europe. That suggests there is way less nudity than in the PC release, as its Steam page is pretty quick about throwing wet, naked women at you. Indeed, the PR for Forest Guardian simply describes the game as “cute.” And frankly, there’s nothing wrong with that change if the core story isn’t altered and there is in fact even more story content added than in the original release.

What do you think of TsukiWare and Top Hat Studios’ yuri visual novel?

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