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Polish developer Forever Entertainment has entered a publishing agreement of some sort with Nintendo, it has been reported in Poland. Details are vague, and the developer has been involved in producing many games over the years. Notably, Forever Entertainment brought Panzer Dragoon: Remake (and soon sequel Zwei) to Nintendo Switch, and it is currently working on publishing House of the Dead: Remake. It is also producing unspecified remakes of classic Square Enix games.

A translation via ResetEra user Cass_Se provides the following on the new Forever Entertainment / Nintendo publishing agreement:

The board of Forever Entertainment S.A. (FE) is informing of having signed a material agreement between FE and Nintendo Co. Ltd (Nintendo) of Japan.

On the basis of the agreement FE will receive a significant financial backing from Nintendo to fulfil a publishing agreement, the purpose of which is to release several titles from FE release schedule on Nintendo Switch.

The exact release date of each individual titles will be announced in separate reports.

So in essence, this agreement ensures more video games are coming from Forever Entertainment to Nintendo Switch, and it sounds like they are games that were already in development. Which games and when remain to be seen, but it’s nothing but good news for Nintendo and players in general.


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