A number of bad employee reviews on Retro Studios’ Glassdoor account has fans worried about the future of the company.  The developer has a 2.2/5 overall score, with four reviews giving the company 2/5 or worse.

A former anonymous employee gave Retro a 1/5, mentioning that a substantial amount of the employees are expecting Nintendo to shut down the company.

Half the team is expecting Nintendo to shut it down and the other half is hoping Nintendo sees the elephant in the room and changes management.”

Another review, published in 2012, calls Retro Studios a “shadow of its former self,” and notes that they made “terrible decisions” after the Metroid Prime trilogy.

A third negative review published is from April. The user claims they worked at Retro for more than five years, and goes on to talk about the company’s bad management and little-to-none employee empowerment.

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It should be noted, reviews like these should be taken with a grain of salt. That said, what do you make of these reviews? Should we be worrying about Retro Studios? Share your thoughts below, in our comments section.

Aric Sweeny
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