Fortnite Joy Ride will seemingly add cars to the battle royale tomorrow

Fortnite Joy Ride will seemingly add cars to the battle royale tomorrow

Fortnite Joy Ride is the next big update arriving to the battle royale, and a social media tease includes a picture of a car called Whiplash. The text in the tweet gives us some context as to what the update is adding. “It’s not just a name. It’s a warning,” suggests that vehicles will be available in Fortnite once this update is live.

Whiplash has different paintwork here compared to that of the car from the initial Fortnite Chapter 2 – Season 3 trailer. Nonetheless, cars have been anticipated for Fortnite for a while now, due to Fortnite leakers uncovering details of such things in recent weeks. Originally there were indications that cars would release on July 21, but that clearly did not pan out.

Leakers have even apparently worked out the spawn rates for cars. These are set between 0 and 10 per lobby, meaning you could see up to 10 cars racing around and trying to run you over in a match. They will apparently have different tank capacities and health as well. Cars will definitely change up the strategies that players can employ, but to what extent remains to be seen.

All will be revealed when the Fortnite Joy Ride update lands tomorrow.


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