Get ready for a bundle royale — Nintendo and Epic Games have teamed up to bring out a Switch bundle! Fortnite, which Epic had brought to the Nintendo hybrid system earlier this year, now has its very own SKU. The bundle will be released on Oct. 5 in North America and Europe, and Nintendo has announced that the bundle will cost a cool $299.99.

Now, I know what you’re thinking — a system bundled with a free-to-play game? Hardly enticing. Well, you may be happy to know that also included is the Double Helix Set, which features a unique outfit for your character, back bling, a glider, and a pickaxe. As well as that, the 1,000 V-bucks in the bundle can be used to either buy a battle pass or deck out your character with other accessories that tickle your fancy.

Thankfully it has already been confirmed that Fortnite will not require Nintendo’s newly implemented online system to play online. This means that the cost of entry on the Switch is genuinely free, and it is not hidden behind a paywall as some other games on both the Switch and other systems are.

Personally, my bundle of choice would be the recently announced Pokémon Let’s Go! Pikachu & Eevee bundle; not only does the bundle have a lot more packed in, but it’s also just too cute to pass up on. However, when taking into account that the Pokémon bundle costs a full $100 more than the Fortnite bundle, it is clear that the latter is a brilliant cheaper option. This is especially true given that the Fortnite bundle costs the same amount as a regular Switch bundle. You’re effectively getting a few extra in-game goodies for nothing. That’s not too bad, ay?

Will you be picking up the Fortnite bundle when it drops on Oct. 4? Let us know in the comment section below!


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