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Discussion in 'TNE Forums Hall of Fame' started by Wolven, Dec 16, 2013.

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  1. Koenig

    Koenig The Architect

    Fair enough, although I was mostly referring to what we were getting as consumers. Because Nintendo no longer has the iron grip they had on the industry before, they have effectively completely lost any foothold in a number of genres and market demographics, with the exception of the family and diehard fanbase.
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  2. Socar

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    People bash at Nintendo for no reason whatsoever when compared to other corporate out there, they are FAR better than them.

    1. They don't treat their staff like crap.

    2. 99% of the games they make are consistently good. Yes I will agree that some games they make might not appeal to some which is why its only around 1% of that..and even that 1% of those games are finished games.

    3. Their services are some of the best. Sure, there's flaws here and there but in terms of fixing stuff, its mostly polished.

    4. They VALUE their IPs unlike many companies out there..just look how Nintendo treats Mario and compare that to how SEGA treats Sonic.

    And before anyone complains about some of their IPs being dormant, those IPs whether you like it or not don't do so well and they have done what they could to make the best out of them, be happy with that and if you can't, don't waste time trolling because that won't change anything.

    In the end, I feel that people are not able to accept Nintendo for what they are and for what they want to do. Innovation is part of not just technology but also to modern life as well.
  3. GaemzDood

    GaemzDood Well-Known Member

    That is true, but I'm no industry insider so I have no way to verify it. Small businesses >>> though.
    I can agree with that too.
    No disagreement there. Their hardware is durable too.

    And there is a reason for that. Those IPs aren't what the mainstream associates with Nintendo. When they think Nintendo, they think Mario, not Zangeki no Reginleiv or Fatal Frame.
    What is "innovation" though? I would love to delve into semantics using impressive words, but I'm too tired.

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