To Be Infinite - 2018 Games Completion Thread

Discussion in 'Multi-Platform' started by Karkashan, Jan 1, 2018.

  1. SkywardCrowbar

    SkywardCrowbar Twintelle's loyal Husbando

    Quake 4 (PC)

    A largely forgettable, uninspired tromp through very standard sci-fi territory. There are some cool bio-mechanical things going on, but the game and story are severely lacking.

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  2. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Finished Metroid Prime (GCN) on Hard Mode.

    Yeah I think I'm never doing Hard Mode again, lol.
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  3. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    I remember doing the hardest difficulty on Metroid Prime 3 and giving up at the last boss.

    Never again indeed.
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  4. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Even my henchmen think I'm crazy. Staff Member Moderator

    Beat Bloodstained Curse of the Moon on "Nightmare."

    Which it wasn't.

    I expected it to be ball-bustingly hard, so I kept Casual mode on (no knock-backs, infinite lives), but it's not really more difficult. It is better, though. It solves one of the problems of the normal mode (too many heroes), and gives you all the remaining characters at the beginning so that you can take all of the open routes. Because I was seeing some new areas, I honestly wondered if I was playing a completely different Pt. II game. It's not, and it kinda goes to show you how unmemorable some of the locations are, but it really does make it worth playing on the unlocked mode to see the whole game. Most games give you less health and spongier damage, but this extra mode is really worth playing. You get different paths through the game, and a new end-game boss.

    So I've changed my mind on this one. It's worth buying for $10. I spent 2 hours in each mode, and I'll go back and beat each of them on veteran (which does offer a stiffer challenge). Granted, you probably won't dawdle like me and check on jump physics and hitting every wall for secrets, but I think that's a good amount of game. Eff around enough in each difficulty, and that's 8 hours. Plus a good chunk of replayability, because it's so short. It's a really good total package. There's more here than one quest.

    Cheers to you, Inti Creates.

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  5. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Reminds me of Mighty Gunvolt, the free 8-bit game that came out before Mighty No. 9. I got it for free but I did end up beating it with all three characters. Just a nice little game for the fans.

    Let's hope the main game turns out better this time though (still haven't played MN9 though, I will one day when it gets cheap)
  6. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    Ah yes, Quake 4. I recall having fond memories of that game actually, and I still have my original copy back when it first came out. I remember one of the more cooler parts of the game was your "transformation," and then I thought the game got better overall. By the scheme of things, it's nothing special, but it's not a complete dud either. Maybe I should pop that in again, and give it a go.
  7. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando (PS3)
    Painkiller: Black Edition (PC)

    Beaten R&C awhile ago, just forgot to list it. Lot of fun overall.

    Painkiller was fun too. I tried it a year or so ago but didn't get into it. Was in the mood for shooting monsters so I gave it another go and I liked it this time around. It can be a bit monotonous but the weapons are fucking great. Black Edition comes with the first Expansion "Battle out of Hell" and besides two new kick ass weapons, I don't think I recommend it. Some level themes are really fun like a demonic carnival or Leningrad, but the level design isn't that great.
  8. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PS4)

    Pretty fucking great. I just love the "immersive sim" genre in general, but this one was pretty stellar. The main quest definitely felt short but I still took awhile because the side missions are all pretty good and just exploring the city itself was fun as well, so I'd say the whole package is worth it.

    I did pick up the original Deus Ex awhile ago on a sale, so I'll be sure to play that during the summer.
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  9. SkywardCrowbar

    SkywardCrowbar Twintelle's loyal Husbando

    Fire Emblem Warriors (NS)

    I probably would've liked it a lot better if I was more familiar with the FE universe and characters. To me, it was a less interesting, less fun Hyrule Warriors. It feels a little cheap, and it is very repetitive. The core gameplay is still quite fun, though.

  10. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Finished Persona 5 (PS4) tonight. My stinginess in regards to items paid off in that final boss, lol.

    I had Akira (Hero) romance Makoto, for the curious. I felt they had the best chemsitry + having the interrogator be the protag's potential sister in law was amusing.

    All in all, I liked the game. There were plenty of times where the stealth mechanics were annoying, however (especially when you have to go to a room, look at a specific thing, then go back to another room, respawning enemies with each loading screen, just to move a puzzle forward).
  11. sjmartin79

    sjmartin79 White Phoenix of the Crown

    Detroit: Become Human (PS4)

    Great game, excellent voice acting. Tons of replayability.
  12. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Even my henchmen think I'm crazy. Staff Member Moderator

    Monster Hunter XX (NS)

    -110(ish) hours
    -Of course there's more to do, but the end boss is cleared and I have my true level showing.
    -Japanese is so challenging. I thought the menus would make more sense as I played more, but I only got by on muscle memory.
    -I bought the metal armor set in the village. Then played with some Kafka bullshit mix-and-match armor. Then kinda accidentally made a proper set from the high-rank end boss, and kept throwing armor stones at it for G rank. All four G ranks. Which meant the end-boss could two-shot cart me.
    -One proper armor set, and one proper weapon. I started with duals, went to long sword, and made only one good sword.
    -Some of the difficulty me, Matt, and Fried experienced was artificial. For the vast majority of the game, we're playing three in the party instead of four, and our gear wasn't typically as high across the board as it usually is for us.
    -But still, "monsters that hit harder than ever before" is no lie.
    -And these hard-hitting monsters are not really that well balanced. Sometimes you're just going to hunt a monster WAY too big for the tiny zone/room it's in.
    -A few hunts are damn sadistic. They tempered us and made us better. By the time we were fighting a G4 Deviljho, it was business as usual.
    -I'm wearing this one as a badge of honor. Take on the greatest hits of the series? Hardest monsters? Without understanding a damn thing? With one armor set and one weapon? Done.
    -What's left? "Bloodbath Diablos." Challenge accepted.
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  13. Shoulder

    Shoulder Your Resident Beardy Bear

    This is good to hear as I kept hearing Mankind Divided wasn't that great according to some folks. I will say that the original Deus Ex is still the best one I've played, and since you got it, I would recommend installing the graphics mod GMDX as it keeps the original design and feel of the game while improving the graphics, and providing other fixes as well.
  14. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Deus Ex MK was good but word on the street was a lot of content was cut. Apparently SE wanted to split the game into two so people complained it doesn't feel complete and lesser than the others. I can see their point but what is here I think is pretty damn good.

    Apart of me doesn't care for using mods on my first playthrough of a game, but I'm not opposed either. The only mods I ever used were the widescreen fixes for Tomb Raider 2, so I'm not completely sure how to use actual mods. Still I'll keep it in mind for when I eventually play it.
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  15. mattavelle1

    mattavelle1 ARMS is like breathing.......but more important Staff Member Moderator

    I have also just completed the Monster Hunter XX Japanese version on the Switch.

    It was such a daunting task even deciding to take the plunge on MHXX being that the game is all in Japanese. Props to that dude @FriedShoes for turning @EvilTw1n and onto the Google Translate app. Just having the ability to “perhaps” make out something legible from an foreign language, to you native tongue was a boost of confidence.

    That being said, it was still difficult and overwhelming at first. It started to feel very fimilar to the menus of MH4U which atleast gave me enough muscle memory to flounder thru at first. I could atleast do very rudimentary things such as, buy potion, buy whetstone, buy armor and a weapon. Once I somewhat had those things down I relied on Fried and ET for the technicalities of getting us online.

    At this point I felt like the Hulk running with his buddies and there “Let’s atleast get him to the hunt”, and that they did and I felt right at home. Coming against 91 of the most unique monsters the series had to offer up to this point was a daunting task. Espically when you throw into the mix diveant forms, and all new elder dragon bosses. But hunt we did! ET and I had the pleasure of absolutely exhausting how far you can go with the starter armor that can be bought in the armory, and that level is HR6, you get one shotted by basically everything.

    That was the first odd thing that stood out to me was how in the 2 pervious MH games I had been involved with (3&4U) you needed to make armor about every 3 starts you went up. And not a bought armor and farmed and made unique armor. He and I did make armors at that time, and those lasted us thru G4..................and our weapons also were made at that time......and they lasted past G4. The durability of the armor is pretty extreme in this game from what I can report on. Which isn’t a bad thing persay, but it’s not great either because we only did key quest. There was no need to go outside of the quest line (which took me right at 100 hiurs) to grind and hunt monsters outside of the keys.

    Which brings me to the next point, the monsters, well there still phenomenal! And this game is a who’s, who of the line or style of MH which is exciting. And the new bosses are excellent, espically the flagship “Jet” monster, or the “electric fly swatter”. The Laggi who in a big personal fan of is an electric monster of doom. They have very hostil in this game it feels like for he most part. Intelligent, but also they have so major bull crap. The zone loads and this will be all I talk on this in many areas are crap, not being able to have a “clear and defined boundary” is difficult. More than ever if a monster wants you dead, in this game you are gonna die. Once we got into the G3/G4 portion of the game tho it kinda seemed that the difficulty lacked, or plateaued. And we were under armed, and under armored. For example today only my 3rd time fighting the final boss, Fried and I 2 manned it, and it didn’t feel that difficult. Let me remind you I’m wearing HR6 armor and the same level swithaxe. Now don’t let me fool you into thinking this game is easy, because it is not, it’s manly punishing and filled with great MVP hunts. And I am at the least a seasoned hunter, but by no means the greatest. There were just certain times in G rank where it felt like my armor or weapon should have become ineffective.

    Now lucky for me I didn’t have to go thru the whole process of making a lot of different armors, because the menus in Japanese, even with a translator are challenging. So I was over all thankful that the armors and weapons lasted so long, I really didn’t want all that headache.

    Which brings me here to, “Well what about MH:GU?” Frankly Im still very excited about it. It will be my son and I’s first MH on the bring screen in big league hunts with my friends, and I’m excited to share that with him. Personally I enjoy to really beat all aspects in MH, and with the language barrier it put a screeching halt on doin most anything single player (now ET and Fried both were able to play this mode extensively compared to I so they will say different here which is fine) because I like to do the gathering quest and move on. It was hard to decipher what exactly I was to get, and when I got in the quest I didn’t know what I was gathering also because again the language barrier. So, I’m excited to do the single player, go back and make more armors, I picked a switchaxe because it was he easiest outta my mains to use. Made me miss my Bow and Horn something fierce so I will be making and playing with those. It will make it much easier to figure out my palicos, keep the farm running, and how and where to buy obscure things like dust of life. I’m looking forward to use the arts, none of which I have figured out in XX. Lots of things for me to look forward to in MH:GU despite already playing it.

    Always a blast to hunt tho with my boys, and a big shout out to @EvilTw1n and @FriedShoes ive said it before and I’ll say it again about a task like this. We can now officially deem ourselves worthy to have the phrase “We have Offically done some shit!” Well done hunters.

    MHXX - 9/10
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  16. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    There are usually some fairly basic but easy enough to understand guides on the websites that provide these mods, especially for older games.

    The thing to keep in mind, is that all the tricks you learn modding one game usually don't help you worth fuck when you try to mod another. Skyrim, for instance, has a moderately straightforward approach to modding it, but even then that's only possible because of programs that do the complicated shit for you. Street Fighter V, on the other hand, is modded via the latest update/patch folder.
  17. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Nier Automata (PS4)

    I really dug this game. The combat is fun but it isn't Bayonetta, but it isn't really the same type of game. Mixing together different weapon combos with light and heavy attacks are pretty fun. Shooting with your POD companion using special attacks like a giant hammer or laser is also great.

    The story is basically how I want my Japanese RPG's, i.e. crazy as fuck but still can offer those emotional moments. I just love what they did with all the NPC's in this game.

    Lastly, holy damn what a soundtrack.

    What a fucking soundtrack.
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  18. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Finished Tales of Berseria (PS4) tonight. It was a nice change of JRPG pace to have the 'active' combat as opposed to the turn based psuedo monotony of Persona 5 or Pokemon.

    Apparently Berseria is a far off prequel to Zesteria, and apparently Zesteria is absolute garbage in the opinion of many Tales fans. So since I already own Zesteria cause I got it on the cheap, I'm gonna play it anyway, lol. (although no guarantee I'll finish it if it's really that bad)
  19. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    I finished the supposed weakest link in the Tales series (will need to play the rest to make my own judgement on that), Tales of Zestiria (PS4).

    I will confess, I had a myriad of nitpicks with this game. From the jumbled way they didn't quite handle Alisha's departure (which, sadly, perhaps only needed two or three small adjustments to work, since the reasons for her departure story wise and for the characters themselves made sense and were there, they just... didn't convey that properly or with the proper gravitas at all). To the kind of boring (and again, without any sort of gravitas) "sacrificial" ending. And that's not getting into the jank combat camera or the way the characters just... really didn't have good AI.

    However, I will say I ended up enjoying the game. Although how much that has to do with taking place in the future world of Berseria I couldn't tell you. (I thought it was super cool how they had an almost throw away mention/skit about Innominat in Zestiria that helped set the stage for Berseria's tale)

    Having played Persona 5, Berseria, and Zestiria back to back to back over the course of 4 and a half weeks, I'm not sure if I'm in the mood for more JRPG's or if I need a break from them, lol.

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  20. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Batman: Arkham Knight (PS4)
    Wonderboy: The Dragon's Trap (PC)

    Arkham Knight was a lot of fun but looking back, had a lot of fluff. Road checkpoints, watch towers, road side bombs, etc. Most of these are for the actual Arkham Knight. Each big villian has a set of side missions, but sadly even Penguin or Two Face's are repetitive. Penguin involves following a truck to a hideout and beating up people, while Two Face is just beating up people at a bank. I think there are too many Riddler stuff but what I love about it is watching him go from a cheeky bastard to getting stressed that I'm almost done. I also thought Scarecrow was a bit disappointing as a main villain.

    That said, after Bloodborne, Deus Ex MK, Nier Automata and Batman, I'm kinda done with big huge games for awhile. Hence why I played Wonderboy. Picked it up randomly on the Steam sale and did enjoy it. It's pretty dang short but the hand drawn sprites and backgrounds are gorgeous. Hitting the trigger buttons switches from the new music/graphics to retro music/graphics. I loved playing with the new graphics and old music. Was harder than I thought it would be too.
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  21. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    COV talking about Batman made me nostalgic for the Arkham Batman games (specifically Arkham Origins). So, since there's this little thing called a "Steam Summer Sale" going on I went ahead and rebought one of my most fondly remembered Wii U games on PC.

    So Batman: Arkham Origins (PC) is a really fun game that I beat tonight. Still has a couple of bugs that the devs refused to fix that can break 100% completion if you're into that sort of thing, but if you focus on the main game it's not really an issue. Heck most of the side content isn't affected by these glitches either. It's really just the glitch that bugs out when you collect all the Enigma collectibles (it thinks there's still one left when there isn't, and it's random as to whether or not it'll happen) and the side mission for one of Bane's lackeys (there's a fight you have to do with some goons that has a chance of not happening because of missing goons).

    The DLC Cold, Cold Heart, on the other hand (which we never got on the Wii U since WB pulled developing further DLC for that game) can flat out Crash to Desktop (CTD) at the most random times. Still have yet to finish it, even though the time I have spent on it has been fun. (Was gonna record it for my YT channel but I ended up dropping that idea because of the two crashes I ran across)
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  22. BobSilencieux

    BobSilencieux Well-Known Member

    Breath of the Wild (NS)

    One year after beating it for the first time, I did it again, but this time with all the DLC too. It's still totes one of the best games I've ever played.
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  23. SkywardCrowbar

    SkywardCrowbar Twintelle's loyal Husbando

    Metroid Prime (GCN)

    It is still basically neck and neck with Twilight Princess for my favorite game of all time. An absolute masterpiece.

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  24. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Max Payne (PC)

    Picked it up on the summer sale and boy what a game. If I played this game in high school at the height of my love for Sin City/Noir genre it would probably be one of my favorite games of all time. Still, it's a kick ass game and while I'm gonna play Bastion first, I can't wait to give the sequel a go.

    Also, best pause music ever

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  25. SkywardCrowbar

    SkywardCrowbar Twintelle's loyal Husbando

    Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition (NS)

    Certainly not skimpy on content. I intend to dive into additional modes at some point. Overall, a fun time killer and solid fan service.

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  26. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    I need a break for right now, but I've finished Batman: Arkham Knight (PC) . This is my second time playing this game, and the first time that I actually bothered with the Most Wanted stuff (also my first chance to do the Seasons of Infamy DLC) I found that on this playthrough I was more inclined to do a lot of the extra stuff due to spacing it out during my story playthrough when the story beats lent themselves to me cleaning up side quests.

    I still have, like, 80% of the Riddler stuff left, and I do want to actually get that done this time around, but....ugh...yeah it might be something I come back to or do in very small bursts.

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  27. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 (PS4)

    Figured I'd just lump them all together. Slowly beat 7-10 over a month or so.

    7 - Still one of my favorites though no matter how many times I play it the final Wily fight kicks my ass. I love most everything about it although one of my favorite thing is the Ghouls n' Ghosts easter egg

    8 - Not bad but not "one of my favs" either. Astro Man's stage is one of my least favorites and the soundtrack is lackluster. Still good fun though overall.

    9 - Awwww shit. I find this one of the hardest in the classic series overall but I love the fuck out of this one.

    10 - Weirdly enough this is the game that got me into the classic series. X was my boy since I first played it (Xtreme on the Gameboy helped too, so many hours on that one) but I didn't take to the classic ones until my roommate downloaded a bunch of games from my friend's PSN account on the PS3. One boring night I played through 10 on easy mode cause I wasn't in the mood for anything hard that night. Since then I worked my way through the classic series multiple times.

    I bought the Anniversary edition on Gamecube but wasn't a huge fan of the control layout for 7 so I bought that on the Wii U, along with 1-6 again because why the fuck not? I bought 9 and 10 on the Wii but since hard drive space is limited I bought the Legacy Edition 2 on PS4. I'm normally not one for buying new versions of games I already own but cheap copies of Mega Man are the exception apparently.

    Now I'm still in the Mega Man mood. 11 isn't out until October so I tempted to pick up the X Legacy edition when it comes out soon. As much as I love X to bits ("top 3" tier favorite of all time) the rest of the series didn't click with me when I tried them in college. X2 was good, X3 was pretty frustrating and I just stopped midway through 4. For curiosity I tried X6 but little did I know that game is a brick wall in video game form. Perhaps this Legacy collection will be what gets me on board finally.

    Perhaps I should try other series though. Outside of Classic and X I haven't tried anything.
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  28. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    I'd say try out the Mega Man Zero series and then the the ZX series, as those are the canon "sequel series" that are still 2D action platformers. (Legends happens after both of those).

    If you try out Battle Network I'd say skip the first one (while reading a plot summary) and jump straight into MMBN2.

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  29. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    I was always curious about the Zero games but I also heard how brutal they are even when compared to the classic and X series.

    I find the timeline neat and all but I'm particularly worried about playing them in order. PSN is having a sale with the Legends games on for cheap so I am tempted but I also hear very mixed things.

    Perhaps Ill give BN2 a go, maybe after a revisit to the X series. Very indecisive. That's why I asked if you played Might Gunvolt Burst, looks like a neat throw back.
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  30. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Played some PS2 ported to Switch goodness today with Dragon Blaze (NS) . It's a vertical shmup where you're a dragon rider. I didn't really bother with anything besides the standard difficulty options, but it seemed at a quick glance that there are plenty of options to tailor the difficulty to your preference.

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  31. BobSilencieux

    BobSilencieux Well-Known Member

    Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure DLC (NS)

    A surprisingly good addition to what is still a surprisingly good game. A bit easier than the main game but still just so much fun and the ultra challenges at the end did increase the ante somewhat.
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  32. BobSilencieux

    BobSilencieux Well-Known Member

    Limbo (NS)

    Short and sweet, or should that be short and mildly disturbing.

    I'd never played it before so it was nice to experience it now. I can see why everybody seemed to love it back when it came out.
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  33. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Super Metroid (Wii)

    What can I say at this point? Shit's tight.

    Last time I played it, how ever many years ago that was, I managed under 3 hours with 86% of items. This time I was just shy of 5 hours with...86% items. So 86% is just my ceiling apparently.
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  34. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    It's getting to be that time that I need replay Super. I don't think I've ever gotten 100% in it. Maybe that should be my project.
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  35. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    My project is finally beating the first Resident Evil this summer.

    Zelda 2? Beat it.
    Ghost n' Goblins? Did it when I worked at a call center between calls.
    Dark Souls? Yawn-a-rama
    RE1? Fucking Kryptonite (Though I never made it far, I'm sure if I stick with it I can do it)
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  36. Juegos

    Juegos All mods go to heaven. Staff Member Moderator

    Just make sure you don't play the Director's Cut.

  37. EvilTw1n

    EvilTw1n Even my henchmen think I'm crazy. Staff Member Moderator

    I've never 100%-ed or speed-run Super. I've set out to do both, but I never do. The game always sidetracks me in one way or another, and I like the idea that I can come back and always find something I missed before.

    Guess I'll have to re-play it, too. After Hollow Knight.
  38. CitizenOfVerona

    CitizenOfVerona Spectacular Staff Member

    Eat your heart out Koji Kondo.

    And I'm currently downloading the HD REmake on PS4. PSN flash sale had it 60% off.


    I never really try to speedrun or anything. My under three hour run was just a result of me playing this game a lot more in college than I do now. Still, even though I just beat it I'm tempted to go again.
  39. Karkashan

    Karkashan Well-Known Member

    Oh, right. Forgot to mention I actually turned on the SNES Classic the other night and played through Star Fox (SNESCL) .

    I love how they were able to take these super simple polygon shapes and make them seem like absolutely massive war machines.
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