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Take this with as many grains of salt as your blood pressure will allow, but this morning Amazon France put up a bunch of placeholder pages for upcoming Nintendo Switch games. With June right around the corner, it makes sense that the pages might be preparation for the announcements that would have come at E3. These Amazon listings point to 11 games from AAA publishers — some of which are Switch exclusives, some not. A tweet first directed attention to the listings:

Here’s a breakdown of the French Amazon listings:

  • 3 games from Bethesda: 1 Switch-only, 1 for Switch/PS4, 1 for Switch/PS4/XB1
  • 2 games from Square: both Switch-only
  • 2 games from Warner Bros.: 1 Switch/XB1, 1 Switch/PS4/XB1
  • 2 games from Ubisoft: 1 Switch/PS4/XB1, 1 Switch/XB1
  • 1 game from Take-Two: Switch/PS4/XB1
  • 1 game from Capcom: Switch-only

Some of these games could be known quantities, like Doom Eternal from Bethesda — it’s coming to Nintendo Switch but doesn’t currently have a page on Amazon France. Considering we’re about halfway through the console’s life cycle, we’re likely to see some cool stuff in the coming year. The existence of these placeholders points to a slate of awesome announcements in the streaming circus that’s replaced E3 2020, assuming it’s all legitimate. Notably, Amazon France posted ultimately bogus PC game listings last month.

At the time of writing, these Amazon listings largely still exist. There’s still no information on the pages, but I suspect that we’ll be finding out what this is about real soon.

Update May 29: Thanks to Nintend’Alerts for letting us know that a Konami game has popped up as well!

What games do you think these placeholders are likely to represent? What games do you want to see announced for the Switch this summer? Let us know!

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