Friday The 13th looks worse on Nintendo Switch than other consoles, plain and simple. However, gameplay reigns supreme in this horror-focused team-based multiplayer title. And, luckily, the graphical downgrade just sorta works as part of this game’s chaotic nature.

Working as a team to take on the famous Jason Voorhees is a ton of fun. As a camper, your goal is to escape the area and avoid being brutally murdered. There are multiple ways to escape whether it’s via car, calling for the police, or actually taking down the mass murder. During each match, your team decides who does what. One player can grab the car battery, another can find the key, and another can find some gas. However, while you’re split up, it’s terrifying knowing that Jason could be around any corner. And because a different person is playing as Jason every match, he’ll always have different a strategy. So you really need to strategize as a team in order to stay alive.

I didn’t experience any terrible lag. I played with a lot of YouTubers and game industry friends because the online servers weren’t full pre-launch. Playing with friends is definitely the best way to play Friday The 13th. The sense of rivalry and trash talking never really gets old because whoever plays as Jason is randomized every match.

Playing as Jason is a totally different gameplay experience. You have different types of abilities to find and murder your friends. Jason can teleport across the map, morph to catch up with kids in the camp, he can even sense whether or not someone is in a house. All of these abilities and more are just enough to keep you on camper’s tail but not enough so that the game is easy as pie. You’ll still have to strategize and think out a plan no matter who you are during each match.

As I mentioned before the Nintendo Switch version doesn’t look as good as rival platforms. Luckily, the frame-rate is solid so the gameplay is largely the same as the other versions. However, if you’re trying to feel truly engrossed, it’s best to pick up another version. Either way, the game is already sort of a janky mess on all platforms, so the graphical downgrade didn’t tarnish my experience.

Friday The 13th has always been riddled with bugs and minor glitches, but because of this, you never really know what to expect (and that’s a good thing). During one match the campers thought they were in the clear to escape in a vehicle but the car ended up glitching inside of a fence. I was able to teleport right to where they were and start killing them. Thanks to the proximity chat I was able to hear campers screaming at each other and laughing hysterically. Moments like these are Friday The 13th at its best. Luckily, these moments aren’t far and few between.

If you care about character progression, there are tons of perks you earn for matches like longer running, spawning with an item, and many more. You can even customize the look of your camper and Jason Vorhees. With loads of iconic Jason attire to gawk at.

Lastly, Friday The 13th offers are single-player challenges and customized matches. So even if you aren’t connected to the internet you’re still able to play traditional Friday the 13th matches or take on some challenges.

Final Thoughts

While Friday The 13th suffers from some overbearing technical issues, it’s simply a blast to play. Despite the graphical downgrade, you’re still going to have a blast with the Nintendo Switch version. Just prepare for a glitchy, thrilling, disaster of a good time.

Release Date: August 13, 2019
No. of Players: 1 player (8-player online)
Category: horror, cooperative, action
Publisher: Gun Media
Developer: Black Tower

A review copy was provided by the publisher.

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