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Publisher Top Hat Studios and developer Molegato have announced retro 3D platformer Frogun for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC, currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. The game has already met its modest Kickstarter goal of roughly $6,000, and it will likely meet its announced stretch goals of an unlockable gallery ($7,000), a sixth extra zone ($9,000), and a Photo Mode ($10,000) as well. The Kickstarter also includes a downloadable demo, if you’d like to sample the game now.

Frogun looks awesomely like a 3D platformer from PlayStation 1 or Nintendo 64, with its cutesy characters and blocky environments, and it’s utterly charming. However, it helps that the gameplay looks solid too. Environments across the five game zones will have a multitude of interactive elements, like bouncy mushrooms, and there will be assorted secrets and treasure to find as well. The core gameplay mechanic involves the titular Frogun, which can grab things, activate levers, or act as a zipline for protagonist Renata, who is on a quest to save her famous adventurer parents.

Aside from composer Adam Foley, this game is apparently the work of just one man, Raúl Martínez — otherwise known as the aforementioned Molegato. He is aiming to launch the title in 2022. So if you’re intrigued to play Frogun on Switch or any other platform, give its Kickstarter demo a try and see if you’d like to back it.


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