A new indie fantasy adventure


Nucleotide is an upcoming single player action-adventure video game under development by FrozenPixel studio. Thus far, the development of this game has followed an open development approach, where every step of the process has be made public through social sharing websites such as indieDB, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

The game itself is still in early stage of development and the team is planning to release it soon. Nintendo Enthusiast reached out to the studio who told us that their plan is to release it for various platforms, including Nintendo’s Wii U.

\”We are very interested for releasing Nucleotide on Nintendo Wii U platform.\” said Nenad Markovic

You can watch the latest video in their development diary below.

Nucleotide is developed using the Unity3D engine and is planned for release on Windows PC, MAC, Linux, Wii U, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.


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