Full Metal Furies review for Nintendo Switch

In 2015, I played Rogue Legacy from Cellar Door Games. I had not familiarized myself with the roguelike genre, but the developer made a lasting impression. With Full Metal Furies, the team set its sights on the beat ’em up genre. Switch owners rejoice — because this is a must-have game on the console.

Deep gameplay shines bright

Full Metal Furies is an absolute delight to play. Upon starting the adventure, you get to choose from four class types: Tank, Sniper, Engineer, and Fighter. When playing solo, you’ll need to pick two characters to form your crew. Cooperation is required whether in multiplayer or alone. Each class features its own unique gameplay style and abilities that have their own set of advantages and disadvantages. With a normal attack, secondary skill, evade ability, and power ability, every character makes the game feel fresh. It’s also worth noting that solo players will need to change teams continuously. Some levels require specific Furies to reach secret sections.

The Sniper is my favorite. She’s strong and works well from long range, but also has great area-of-effect attacks. The Fighter has counters, a strong hammer, and a nifty jumping ability. Knowing when to bring each character into battle is the key to success. Playing with friends means you’ll always have a partner, but fret not, as playing solo is excellent as well. By pressing ZR, you’ll instantly change to your second character. Through natural progression, you’ll be able to buy new equipment for each attack and ability slot. This allows for interesting combat changes for those looking to switch it up.

Content galore!

Those looking for a short game should stay far away from Full Metal Furies. Once you think the game is over, it almost feels like the beginning. There’s a “holy crap” moment that made me realize how massive in scope Full Metal Furies is. Honestly, I didn’t beat the game because it gets complicated, and there are so many secrets to uncover. Slabs from stone tablets hint at where other secrets are. There are button prompts that must be pressed to unlock new areas, and symbols that need to be decoded. So many puzzles had me scratching my head in confusion. That’s part of the charm. Solving the well-thought-out puzzles and deciphering the clues is a rewarding experience. Even after 20 hours of gameplay, I’m ready for a lot more. Cellar Door Games created a game that begs the player to come back for more.

RPG-infused fun

Full Metal Furies is a great time throughout. It’s a brawler on the surface, but a role-playing game in disguise. Back at the camp, players will use gold to upgrade their skill trees. Each of the Furies has her own set of skills that can be upgraded. These newly purchased perks can increase health, defense, attack, reduce cooldown for moves, or also lace abilities with added effects. Knowing when to save gold and when to go on a shopping spree is important. Do you spend everything to level up right away? Or do you hoard and get coveted hero talents? Fans of Rogue Legacy will find the skill tree to be very familiar. It’s really a lesson in self-control. There were plenty of moments that pushed me to my core. I wanted to spend gold, but knowing I was close to something great forced me to show restraint.

One of the best co-op game for Switch

When Nintendo announced Switch, the emphasis on taking the console on the go and playing with friends excited me. I love cooperative gameplay and Switch gave me a reason to buy games on that machine. The ability to detach controllers and have impromptu gaming sessions is one of my favorite things. Full Metal Furies is the perfect example of a game that belongs on Switch. In fact, I think it’s one of the best multiplayer experiences on Switch today. Sure, there are big games like Super Mario Party, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Mario Tennis Aces, and Arms, but Full Metal Furies brings a different type of experience to the table. It’s a brawler that harkens back to the days of classics like Streets of Rage and The Simpsons.

Full Metal Furies is a modern game that went back in time to visit the games that inspired it. The gameplay is deep, the characters are great, and the content is diverse. While some people may not like the difficult puzzles, the addictive gameplay and combat mechanics will have players coming back for a long time. Full Metal Furies isn’t for everybody, but for those willing to accept the challenge — grab some friends, and sit down for one of the best indies to hit the console this year.

Release Date: Nov. 6, 2018
No. of Players: 1-4 players
Category: Action, Adventure, Role-Playing, Puzzle
Publisher: Cellar Door Games
Developer: Cellar Door Games

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Full Metal Furies





  • Deep gameplay
  • Tons of content
  • Fun solo and cooperatively
  • Unique characters
  • Old-school charm


  • Difficult puzzles may turn players away
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