The Nintendo Switch is the world’s first home console/handheld hybrid system. As a result, the cost behind it and the parts that it’s made out of is definitely interesting to analyze.

Nikkei Technology has released a report on these factors. According to them, the entire Switch system (the tablet, dock and Joy-Cons) costs $257 to manufacture. Considering the fact that Nintendo is selling it for $299, that’s a pretty trade-off. The tablet and dock make up $167 of that cost, while the Joy-Cons come in at a surprising $90. The reason as to why the controllers are so expensive is because of 20 small parts on the inside that add up.

Another interesting thing that Nikkei was able to find out is that the dock could potentially be upgraded in the future with something like a dedicated VR/AR processing unit or additional storage. The reason for this is because there’s a lot of unused space in the unit, so perhaps Nintendo will make use of it eventually.

The last cool tidbit is that the Switch’s power delivery unit is pretty amazing. The technology is new and it’s capable of using up to 100W (20V/5A) by means of USB PD. The controller on the inside is able to raise the USB-C power receive/delivery capability from the usual 3V/7.5W to the maximum 5V/100W. Perhaps the ability to make use of such a higher amount of power suggests that the Switch’s performance can possibly be pushed further than what we’ve seen. if not, maybe a Switch 2.0 will come later on (like the New 3DS,  PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio).

Here are some photos:


A.K Rahming
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