how to evade fight Fury Bowser guide Super Mario 3D World + Boswer's Fury

Throughout Mario’s adventure in the newly released Bowser’s Fury mode in Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury on Nintendo Switch, Fury Bowser will be appearing now and again to wreak havoc, ruining Mario’s day. There are a few things that you can do when this happens, such as collecting a Cat Shine to send him away, or going Goku-style on him in a giant fight. Here is a guide for how to evade or fight Fury Bowser in Bowser’s Fury.

Check how close Fury Bowser is to appearing

how to evade fight Fury Bowser guide Super Mario 3D World + Boswer's Fury

You’ll notice that Bowser is always set right in the middle of the map. The game lets you know when he is about to appear, as it will start pouring down with rain. However, if you’re curious to see his progress — have a quick glance. If you see him rapidly spinning around, that means that he is close to waking up. Most of the time, he’ll be submerged in the ink-colored water, meaning he isn’t quite ready to pay you a visit.

Collect a Cat Shine to send Fury Bowser to sleep

Obviously Mario will be collecting a ton of Cat Shines throughout the adventure. It can honestly be quite difficult to navigate the area when Bowser is clearly trying to have a nice wee chat. The best thing to do is locate one of the game’s many challenges and complete them to the best of your ability. Fury Blocks are probably the most ideal option for Fury Bowser’s friendly visits, so try to direct him to that general area. Upon destroying them, you can collect a Cat Shine — sending Bowser back to sleep.

Head to a Giga Bell to transform

Giga Bell how to evade fight Fury Bowser guide Super Mario 3D World + Boswer's Fury

As long as you have enough Cat Shines, Mario will be able to transform into Giga Cat Mario (which is basically Mario going Super Saiyan). This will allow our hero to go head to head with Fury Bowser in the hopes of helping Bowser Jr. get his regular old dad back. Upon transforming, Fury Bowser will start charging at Mario with full force, so be prepared!

Throw debris at Bowser while in Giga Form

Giga Cat Mario how to evade fight Fury Bowser guide Super Mario 3D World + Boswer's Fury

One thing that I stumbled upon accidentally was the ability to grab the fallen debris. Giga Cat Mario is then able to help out with cleaning duty by launching whatever he picks up at Bowser. I’ve found that this normally does quite a bit of damage, so survey the surrounding area when engaging in a fight.

Super Saiyan Mario has some moves

Super Saiyan Mario

There’s no right or wrong way to complete the giant battles of Giga Cat Mario versus Fury Bowser, but you do have a few options, as this guide will explain. Sometimes, Fury Bowser will enter his shell and start zooming all the way across the map. If this happens, Mario can run up to Bowser and give him a little kick, sending him flying. However, more commonly, Mario can launch back football-like objects at Bowser by pressing Y, dealing a decent amount of damage and flipping him on his back, revealing his weak point. When you get him in this state, all you need to do is a ground pound, and the fight is over.

Fury Bowser has a health bar

Bowser's Fury Health Bar

When Bowser decides it’s time to say hello, you will most likely notice his red health bar. This informs you how much damage he’ll need to take before giving up. Collecting a Cat Shine will also deplete this slightly, giving you a slight advantage when you decide to go giga.

In addition to how to confront Fury Bowser, we have also released a guide discussing a few tips and tricks for the overall Bowser’s Fury adventure as well, so be sure to check that out. Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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