G4 TV channel revival returns 2021 Attack of the Show X-Play teaser trailer Kevin Pereira Olivia Munn Adam Sessler Morgan Webb

G4, the video game TV channel that existed between 2002 and 2014, is coming back in some form. Details are virtually nonexistent, but a teaser video has emerged online to tell people that the G4 brand exists again and that it will be producing content somewhere in 2021. Old Twitter accounts for the G4 network programs Attack of the Show and X-Play also shared the announcement. Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn, former hosts of Attack of the Show, retweeted the announcement, along with former X-Play hosts Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb, but none of them seem actually involved in the revival.

In the early years, G4 was a truly outstanding godsend of a channel for people who loved video games. The show Icons delved in brief into the history of the people who made the greatest impacts in the industry. Cinematech randomly bunched together attractive cinematics and gameplay from games and called it a TV show, and it worked for some reason. Then the bizarre comedic antics of X-Play got tossed into the mix.

Later on, I would argue the G4 network got worse and worse for reasons I won’t pretend to have full understanding of, so I can’t say it’s actually a good or valuable thing that the network is returning. It could be just another case of nostalgic pandering with no basis in the things that originally made the product good. Time will tell — in 2021 specifically.


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