Capcom’s upcoming action game Gaist Crusher, for the Nintendo 3DS, will include a special treat–Monster Hunter 4 Content.  It was announced yesterday that a boss battle will include a creature specifically from Monster Hunter 4, which is already out on the 3DS in Japan.

There will be a battle with a Gaist which is based on Rathalos, a familiar fire-breathing wyvern from Monster Hunter lore.  Gaist Crusher follows in the footsteps of Monster Hunter with its main goal to hunt down and kill massive fantasy creatures called Gaists.  Gaist Hunters was developed for younger players while Monster Hunter was made for more experienced and hard core hunters.

The game is slated to ship with a competitive and co-op mode locked in and will utilize clip on NFC like figures that can clip on to the 3DS\’ casing and function like Pokemon Rumble U figures.  Capcom is hoping to make Gaist Crusher a major multimedia project with manga anime and other toys set for release later after launch.

What do you think about cross game content?


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