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Nintendo took a big risk with Breath of the Wild, shaking up the classic Zelda formula with a huge open world. The result was a masterpiece that earned stellar reviews and topped the sales charts. Could Pokémon do the same? Game Freak opted not to make the entire game open-world, but the Galar Region does include a sprawling region known as the Wild Area. Game Freak has kept it largely under wraps, but today we got tons of new info.

Galar’s Wild Area vs. Breath of the Wild

Some lucky news outlets got to go hands-on with Sword and Shield recently, and they’ve shared tons of details about the Wild Area. For example, you can battle fully-evolved, level 50 monsters just an hour into the game! During their time with the game, Metro asked a Nintendo rep about the size of Galar’s open-world area. According to the spokesperson, it’s roughly the size of two regions from Breath of the Wild.

If that’s an accurate estimate… the Wild Area is pretty sizable! Breath of the Wild has 15 regions, but each one is pretty massive. The starting area alone is bigger than the entire map from Ocarina of TimePokémon Sword and Shield‘s map will also feature numerous small towns, cities, and other areas of interest. Add those to the sprawling, open-world section, and you’ve got a huge map! We may be looking at the biggest single region in a Pokémon game. Still, it would be hard for Galar to top the dual-region map of Pokémon Gold and Silver.


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