There are many Best of 2011 articles floating around the internet including our very own on Nintendo Enthusiast. But, most sites focus on specific areas, whereas Gamasutra covers the entire gamut of the industry- from the latest Apple technology to startup indies to Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft- because their perspective is always focused on the business of the industry. Because of this, their end-of-the-year roundup, the Best of 2011, is an article that deserves to be read by every self-respecting gamer who wants to fill out the gaps in their industry perspectives.

It is 17 pages long and covers many different topics, such as

– Top 5 Major Industry Events

– Top 5 Major Industry Trends

– Top 5 Controversies

– Top 5 Social Games

besides for other more traditional topics like most overlooked games, most anticipated games for 2012, and of course, top 10 overall games. It is highly worthy of your time and \”effort.\”

Another article I find worthy of mentioning while we\’re on the topic of Gamasutra is their Legend of Zelda piece: Learning From The Masters: Level Design In The Legend Of Zelda.


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