Game Center CX will now feature GameCube, GBA, and PS2 games

Game Center CX has entered its 25th season, and it will finally start featuring GameCube, Game Boy Advance (GBA), and PlayStation 2 (PS2) games for Arino to challenge.

If you’re wondering what’s the occasion and why Game Center CX is finally adding GameCube, GBA, and PS2 games, it’s because of a rule for the show. The rule states that the program will only feature games from consoles that are 20 years or older, so there are now three eligible systems that you can add.

The PS2 was the first of the bunch with an initial launch of March 2000 in Japan, so it was already eligible last year. The Game Boy Advance was the next system to launch, with an initial release in March 2001, followed by the GameCube in September 2001. While Microsoft’s original Xbox launched in November 2001, it didn’t appear in Japan until February 2002, so that will have to wait until 2022 to see some action from Kacho.

If you’re not familiar with Game Center CX, it is a gaming variety show from Japan featuring Shinya Arino of the comedy duo Yoiko, who also goes by “Kacho” to signify his role as the chief. The show is mainly about various video game challenges that Arino takes on, a premise that’s essentially been ongoing since it first began airing in November 2003. Since then, Game Center CX has spawned 24 seasons, several specials, and video games for the Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS.



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