Gamedec is a detective RPG with Switch Kickstarter stretch goal (but act quick!)

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Gamedec from Anshar Studios is an isometric detective RPG in which you solve crimes in virtual worlds. The game is based on a series of novels and looks to bring that universe to thousands more fans. The Kickstarter campaign got off to a great start and at the time of writing has managed to amass $160,000 versus an original goal of $50,000. Many of the campaign’s stretch goals have also been met, but there’s one more that we’re quite excited about: a Nintendo Switch version of the game. However, the Kickstarter only has a few hours left to go.

On top of Gamedec being funded, it now has a lot more features thanks to the stretch goals that have been met so far. For example, a new game mode called “True Detective Mode” will allow you to play the game without any way to reverse decisions once they’re made. At $70,000 more interactions were added, and at $85,000 a lot more character customizations were included too.

At $100,000 a new game world to investigate was added to the development roadmap, and at $140,000 an entirely new “virtualium,” which the community voted to be based on the Cthulhu mythos, was funded as well. The Cthulhu world hasn’t even been designed by the developers yet, which is a sign of just how unexpectedly well this campaign has gone.

Two stretch goals remain. At $170,000 partial voiceovers will be brought to the game, which would be nice. However, the goal you need to know about is $200,000, which will allow the developers to make a Nintendo Switch version of Gamedec.

At the time of writing, the Gamedec campaign has 7 hours to go and sits at $163,000. Raising $37,000 in the final hours of a campaign is what Kickstarter is all about. This game looks to be similar to Disco Elysium in a lot of ways, but it also brings its own spin to the isometric detective RPG genre. If you fancy being able to play the game on Nintendo Switch, head over to Anshar Studios’ campaign page and see if you’re able to pledge.

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