GameStop stock crash Game Informer layoffs

It’s no secret that GameStop hasn’t been performing well lately. There have been many layoffs, restructures, and one attempt to sell the company in the last few years. Today, GameStop made even more changes as they have laid off over 100 people. Around half of the Game Informer staff and 14 percent of the company headquarters are among those affected.

Speaking with Kotaku, a GameStop spokesperson said the cuts were necessary for reducing costs and moving the company forward:

As part of the previously announced GameStop Reboot initiative to transform our business for the future and improve our financial performance, we can confirm a workforce reduction was implemented impacting more than 120 corporate staff positions, representing approximately 14% of our total associate base at our company headquarters as well as at some other offices.

While these changes are difficult, they were necessary to reduce costs and better align the organization with our efforts to optimize the business to meet our future objectives and success factors. We recognize that this is a difficult day for our company and particularly for those associates impacted. We appreciate their dedication and service to GameStop and are committed to supporting them during this time of transition.

The editors affected at Game Informer were completely caught off guard by the decision. Seven editors have confirmed they’ve lost their jobs, and one was even on vacation. Editor-in-chief Andy McNamara expressed his feelings on Twitter, saying he loved his staff  “more than any corporation could.” He stated that for the time being, he wishes to “focus on his GI family.”

Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the layoffs at GameStop and Game Informer. We hope that you find success wherever life takes you next. As someone who’s been a victim of mass layoffs in the past, I would like to let you all know that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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