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In light of a global pandemic, many businesses across the world have shuttered their doors in the effort to keep the coronavirus from spreading. Businesses deemed essential (grocery stores, healthcare services, and law enforcement) are able to continue their operations. Now, it seems that long-running video game retail store GameStop has decided that it, too, falls under the category of “essential businesses.”

You can read the message sent out to retail associates down below. Associates were previously instructed to purchase their own hand sanitizer and cleaning supplies out of their own pocket.

Email sent to GameStop employees to differ law enforcement to a hotline

“Due to the products we carry that enable and enhance our customers’ experience in working from home, we believe GameStop is classified as essential retail.”

In the case that local authorities attempt to close down stores, store managers have been instructed to also provide this letter to law enforcement:

The message to law enforcement

Some district leaders have been instructing associates concerned about coronavirus to not come into work and to stay at home. (They will not be needing a doctor’s note if they intend to return after being sick.) They are indeed encouraging employees to pay for cleaning supplies out of their own pocket, offering suggestions on places to pick them up. Some of our other sources have stated that corporate is currently “discussing” solutions around paid leave for associates, but if employees have to quarantine they will be utilizing their own sick time.

I’ve been someone who has remained passionate about GameStop for as long as I can remember, and I’m nothing but devastated by the way that the company has treated its employees in this situation. The way that GameStop corporate has considered human lives during this pandemic has revealed the worst aspects of their morals. It’s unlikely that even Reggie can save the company anymore.

In lighter news,¬†Animal Crossing: New Horizons¬†releases tomorrow. Will you be picking up (or preferably downloading) a copy tomorrow? You know exactly who’s going to be open for it.

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